I have studied jazz and Swedish folk music with the soprano saxophone as my main instrument. During the years i have played in different constellations:

Jole Mari

The free jazz pop folk punk duo Jole Mari was active between 2010 and 2013 and played music written by both band members.

Krossad Dröm & Koral Till Felix – live @ Klubb Kom In, 2013

  • Josefin Runsteen – drums, electric organ, glockenspiel
  • Lea-Marie Sittler – tenor saxophon, soprano saxophone, glockenspiel

En dans på honung

The trio was active between 2013 and 2017 and played their own compositions, fetching ideas and inspiration from the life and work of bees. The music’s genre could be called chamber jazz.

  • Gustav Davidsson – trombone, violin
  • Johannes Aspman – trumpet
  • Lea-Marie Sittler – soprano saxophone

Björn Pettersson kvartett

The quartet was founded in autumn 2018. The music is inspired by psalms and the lyrics are basically about uncomfortable feelings. Petterson is responsible for both the compositions and the humorous lyrics in this project.

  • Björn Petterson – double bass
  • Christian Berg – piano
  • Agnes Åhlund – vocals
  • Lea-Marie Sittler – soprano saxophone

Adrian Åsling Sellius kvartett

A free jazz saxophone quartet.

  • Adrian Åsling Sellius – alto saxophone
  • Erik Boman – baritone saxophone
  • Signe Dahlgreen – tenor saxophone
  • Lea-Marie Sittler – soprano saxophone